Riley 4ft Foldable

The Riley 4ft Rolling Folding Football Table offers plenty of fun for both children and adults. It’s aesthetically pleasing but also very practical to use. The table’s design allows for folding it into an upright position for easier storage. It features blue and red players in 1-2-5-3 formation and is ready to use as balls and scorers are included. This indoor table includes telescopic rods for added safety.

Riley 4ft folding football table
Raised Corners (for Continuous Fast Play)
Rolling Folding Leg System
Solid telescopic rods for added safety
Blue and Red Players
Green Playing Field

Supplied with accessories including:
Set of 2 Foosballs
2 x Scorers


Riley Foldable Foosball Table 4ft Riley Foldable Foosball Table 4ft Playfield Riley Foldable Foosball Table 4ft in Showroom




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