Fireball Foosball

Always wanted a foosball table for your home or office but it’s always too expensive? And all the cheaper ones are just not up to standard and always lacking in durability?

Your prayers had been answered. Fireball produces one of the best foosball tables in the market currently and is a crowd favourite amongst the professional foosball circuit.

This is the entry model of the Fireball lineup. Perfect for home, office and events use. Strong and durable built with a weight of 90kg.



Technical Specs:
• Silver anodized rods with 2.8mm wall thickness • Fixed bushings • Sliding score beads
• Single ball return on both side walls • 25mm (1”) side walls with melamine surface, 300mm (12”) deep cabinet
• 100mm x 800mm wooden legs with levellers • 90 kgs
• Palm-friendly rubbery handles with a solid core, with tight fit on the rods
• Magnetized score beads for game points, game count, and timeout.
• Easily installed steal light support frames that can hold any light option
• Precision-ground Fireball balls with hardness between Tornado and Warrior balls for superb ball control,
• Hidden side ramps under the play surface to allow smooth wall pass and true bank shot
• Playing figures designed for great ball control & handling, enhanced plastic material with little breakage seen so far
• Improved silicone bumpers that can endure the most aggressive play.

Fireball Assembly in Showroom
Fireball Assembly in Showroom
Fireball at SamHound
Fireball at SamHound
Fireball at SamHound Display
Fireball at SamHound Display
Fireball Foosball Set
Fireball Foosball Set

19 thoughts on “Fireball Foosball

  1. Hi,I am interested in getting a football table.I would like know the ones you sell and the pricing.Thank you for your assistance.


    1. Hi Kalpana. Thank you for your enquiry. We recommend the Fireball or Torpedo Homeplay for commercial Free play use.

      Torpedo Homeplay – RM 3,710
      Fireball – RM 4,500

      Price included 6% GST, Delivery and Assembly within Klang Valley


    1. Good Morning Daniel, Thank you for your interest.
      Fireball Homeplay – RM 4212
      Fireball Coin Op – RM 6720
      Fireball World Cup – RM 6036
      Freight and Assembly in JB, Puteri Harbour – RM 550


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