Xmas, A Time For Excess! Meet Revolver

Xmas, A Time For Excess.

Want to buy something special for your family this Christmas but unsure what would be best?  Even worse, the kids don’t agree.

Check this out : The Revolver 7ft Everything Table

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Air Hockey, Pool and Table Tennis.  All in one table.

And when you are not playing, throw the cover on and use it as a study table.

Delivery and assembly included so all you need to do is play.

Xmas is coming and we get extremely busy installing pool tables in Christmas stockings. Recommend ordering before 10th December so as not to be disappointed.



Easten Air Hockey is Back in Stock… Beat the GST price rise!

We have just received our new shipment of Easten 7ft Air Hockey tables.  We are ready to take your order and send out within 3-5 days.  RM4,900 including KL delivery (other areas of Malaysia incur a delivery charge).

As we import these directly there will be a 6% price increase at end of month due to GST (thanks Gov!).  So act fast before the price rises by around RM300!

Easten Air Hockey at Johnny Rockets
Easten Air Hockey at Johnny Rockets









For more info on the table visit our showroom where we have one set up or  go to https://billiardsdirect.co/air-hockey/easten-7ft/.


Easten Air Hockey… Gotta Get One!

The Eastern 7ft Air Hockey has been extremely popular this month.

With 2 power points required for the ultra cool digital scoreboard & clock count down, and the second to power the air blower to make the puck (ball) float over the playing surface when hit.

Easten Air Hockey @ Plaza33 Games Room
Easten Air Hockey @ Plaza33 Games Room

We delivery and install the table for you.

At 7ft this table is big enough for four players to join in on the fun.

Easten Air Hockey @ Plaza33
Easten Air Hockey @ Plaza33
Easten 7ft Air Hockey
Easten 7ft Air Hockey