Nipoori Tandoor Oven & Grill

The Nipoori’s patented design, allows for intense heat to be produced (400°C) within the unit. Cooking skewered food (vertically), inside as well as outside without turning. This is due to the three ways of heat transfers – Radiated, Conducted and Converted heat, enabling it to be used anywhere from picnic site to a patio or balcony. The ease of use and cooking flexibility make it an ideal choice for the complete novice to the professional chef. The variety of food capable of being cooked is endless including meat, poultry, shellfish, fish and vegetables.

Nipoori Cross Section View Charcoal BBQ Conversion

Simply put marinated food on skewers, when the charcoal has reached the cooking temperature. Fit the hood and place the skewers vertically inside it. No heat adjustment, turning or particular cooking skills are needed. Temperature up to 400°C are generated very quickly and maintained evenly throughout the oven. Quick, Safe and Easy. The ultimate multi purpose stove. A unique cooking experience and because of its hood, it can be used all year round whatever the weather.


Nipoori Tandoor Oven & Grill
Nipoori Tandoor Oven & Grill

Nipoori at work in Argentina Nipoori ADWORDS PIC





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