BBQs Charcoal


Charcoal BBQs we offer;

Nipoori Tandoor Oven & Grill | RM1325.00

LIBERTY Kettle 22” | RM477.00

LIBERTY Kitchenette 3 | RM954.00

LIBERTY KYQ – Griller/Roaster | RM9,116.00

LANDMANN Vista | RM1,325.00

LANDMANN Bravo | RM2,756.00

NAPOLEON Apollo AS300K 3-in-1 Smoker | RM2,862.00

NAPOLEON Charcoal Professional PRO605CSS | RM11,236.00

Charcoal 3kg Bag | RM50.00
BBQ Skewers | RM34.00
BBQ Pan | RM58.00
Charcoal Starter | RM85.00
Flash 12pc BBQ Tool Kit | RM212.00
18pc SS Tool Kit | RM317.00

Nipoori Tandoor Oven & Grill
Nipoori Tandoor Oven & Grill
Liberty Kettle 22
Liberty Kettle 22″
Liberty Gas-Charcoal BBQ Griller - Roaster
Liberty Gas-Charcoal BBQ Griller – Roaster
Landmann Vista
Landmann Vista
Landmann Bravo
Landmann Bravo
Apollo AS300K 3-in-1 Smoker
Napoleon Apollo AS300K 3-in-1 Smoker
Charcoal Professional PRO605CSS
Napoleon Charcoal Professional PRO605CSS
Liberty Kitchenette 3
Liberty Kitchenette 3

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