Espiritu 9ft

The Espiritu 9-Ball table maintains its classic lines while incorporating a sophisticated new styling.

Elegant corner castings, apron details, and an enlarged storage area, give the Espiritu a strong, bold appearance.

Available in a nine-foot black or mahogany, with nickel trim.

Espiritu 9ft
Espiritu 9ft






Features :

Size : 9ft

Solid hard wood top rails & body.

Diamond-honed 3pc slate.

Sturdy support frame.

Brass corner plates and ball rack.

Ball return for easy play.

Espiritu 2014
Espiritu with Chrome Lampshade
Espiritu Pool Picture
Espiritu in Pool Hall
Espiritu Top Corner Compressed
Espiritu in Pool Hall Corner Shot
Espiritu in Pool Hall - Web
Espiritu in Pool Hall

Espiritu 9ft with Logo



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