FOOSBALL; most wanted item in 2016 so far

The most wanted item in 2016 so far has been, FOOSBALL
Our Foosball display at the Pandan Indah Showroom



FOOSBALL; the most wanted item in 2016 so far.

Bring out the fun in your life.

Eight Ball has stock of both coin operated and home play foosball tables.

We have machines for the serious player as well as machines that are strong enough to withstand rough teenagers (and adults that are still kids at heart).

All are quality products that you can rely on.



Torpedo Competition Home 2013
Torpedo Tournament Edition



CM 1




Fireball at SamHound
Fireball Foosball

With UEFA Euro 2016 or (simply Euro 2016), fast approaching FOOSBALL has become once again extremely popular as a SPORT and FAMILY game.

Visit us at Pandan Indah or drop us an email at




2 thoughts on “FOOSBALL; most wanted item in 2016 so far

    1. Hi Faisal, Thank you for your interest in our products.
      Our Foosball pricing are as follows : Foosball Torpedo Homeplay RM 3950
      CM1 Foosball Home RM3950, Cameo Foosball RM 7,500, Fireball Homeplay RM 7844
      CM1 Foosball Token – RM 5618
      7ft Snooker – RM 12932
      8ft Snooker – RM 13833
      12ft Snooker – RM 18675
      Includes Delivery and installation within Klang Valley.


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