Dining Top now available for City British & American Pool 6.5ft Tables

There has been high demand for pool tables with Dining Tops, thereby saving you space in houses / office break areas that never seem to be large enough.

At the high end we already have the super cool Pranzo American pool table ( https://billiardsdirect.co/american-pool/pranzo-dining-table/ ).

We also have the Darlington British pool, 6ft size, perfect for smaller rooms.  See at https://billiardsdirect.co/british-pool-snooker-tables/darlington-6ft-dining-table/.

Now something for everyone.

The City pool table is our most popular model.  Token operated for use in commercial outlets but we can also set is for free play so you can have a true games room look in your own home

City British Pool installed  at customer home
City British Pool installed at customer home

We now have a Dining Top for the City pool table (6.6ft British and American pool models).

Two piece solid wood, perfect for buffets & presentations in a commercial outlet, or

for ding homework or hosting parties at home.

City Dining Top (2 piece) City Dining Top

For more information go to

City British Pool – https://billiardsdirect.co/british-pool-snooker-tables/city-british-token-operated/

City American Pool – https://billiardsdirect.co/american-pool/city-american-token-operated/

Or contact us at info@billiardsdirect.com.my


One comment

  1. What’s the price for the American 6.5ft pool table? Also the dining top individually? I am keen on this.

    For this table , how much space area do I need? I am planning to have this as my dining table


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